Qualia – Paradoxes: A Transdiciplinary (Re)Search within the Dialogue between Science, Art and Religion

International Congress "Transdisciplinary Approaches of the Dialogue between Science, Art and Religion in the Europe of Tomorrow," September 2007

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Nicolae Bulz

‘Interdisciplinary Entities Laboratory', 2000; Center for Studies and Research on Agrosilvical Biodiversity „Acad. David DAVIDESCU”(CSCBAS)

Date Written: September 9, 2007


How could the assumption onto our Cosmos by the contemporary Geomodernity/Transdisiplinarity/Fuzzification Integrative Science and Theology fit in the worldview made by the globalization/regionalization realities and postmodern aspirations? There is, here, the possible turning point proposal to take account on the state of art in the related arena to Cognitive Science and Logic, regarding the comprehension on consciousness (Searle, 2000) – within a multi-dimensional approach, open to inter/trans/co/cross-disciplinary contributions.

So, there is a significant term, here taken as a creative metaphor (within an epiphoric tension (Marcus, 1974)), qualia (at plural; singular quale, in Latin) to refer to the introspectively phenomenal aspects of our mental lives. The actual usage of the term bears the disagreement on how qualia relate to the physical world both inside and outside the human, beyond which mental states have qualia, and, also, the disagreement on mind-body problem. This nominated disagreement, through qualia term, support and elicit the comprehension on consciousness. The subjective sensory qualities like the redness of red (those accompany our perception) are qualia. The explanatory gap (that exists between the subjective qualities of our perception and the physical system that we call the brain) is symbolized by qualia. So, a proper turning point to approach subjective-objective gap of ourselves. As our gap, qualia term is used from C.I. Lewis (1929).

On an other part, a new insight subject-object reversal is elicited (Hut Piet, 2004) aiming out of: conventional understanding (what else is true) and constraining explanation (what is science?) These out of are equivalent to prolong qualia beyond our gap.

Here it is proposed an extended usage of qualia term to comprehend the multiple approach onto our Cosmos by contemporary thinkers beyond strictly Philosophy and Physics, and beyond actual state of our economical and political shaped Planet. This multiple approach refers the deepest and profound reality, (re)search for the convergent point(s) of existence and reflection; it is beyond the complexity of categorized academic science and the long-term tribulation of the previous hard century.

From the contemporary thinkers beyond all these, here, the proposed focalization is on Transdisiplinarity, Integrative Science near future prospect, Geomodernity and Fuzzification present-point focalization; these (re)search being the one part into the Science-Religion Dialogue. And into the Centrum of this dialogue it is proposed a Qualia role for the subjective-objective gap of ourselves inward the Cosmos, as nominated disagreement, just to support and elicit the comprehension on defragmentated deep knowledge, on the act of contemporary individual and collective consciousness, onto the complex relation consciousness-data-information-knowledge – a visible section into the Science-Religion Dialogue. All these support a generalized subjective-objective gap. So, into the next paragraphs of this study, the usage of Qualia term would grant any overwhelmed gap, by any part, seen in any section into the Science-Religion Dialogue. And, here it is assumed the creative role of refering not only the qualia construct – but the construct of QUALIA-PARADOXES. So, adding to the modern qualia construct, the Ancient paradoxes construct [but alongside all the embedded comprehension through all the sequential period of humankind proeminent thinking on paradoxes].

Into this context, this study aims to demonstrate that paradoxes and Qualia belong to different (multi-disciplinary, today) domains (Logic and Cognitive Science), but staying connected on a (hypothetical) real background and dually on the subtle background of individual and communitary reflection. The main hypothesis is that counsciousness evolve as a reflection of the reflection (according to the above slightly introduction to the dual backgrounds, and (potentially) would elicit some impressive turning points toward the dialogue between science, art and religion, within their natural and artificial bases of neuro, psycho, and social levels of reality. All these dreaming (within an universal versus cosmic tension) toward the (hypothetical) Real trying to step toward the huge Reality.

This study (initially elicit within 2007 horizon) is to be jointed with the SSRN e-published study INQUIRY ON A SCIENCE-RELIGION CONSTRUCT: SCIENCE-RELIGION HUMANKIND SPACE – so, being also a (e-visual) background and part from the yet published studies: The Qualia-Paradoxies/A Transdisciplinarity (Re)Search within the Dialogue between Science, Art, and Religion, in the volume Transdisciplinari Approaches of the Dialogue between Science, Art, and Religion in the Europe of Tomorrow, Curtea Veche Publishing, Bucharest, 2008, ISBN (10) 978-973-669-596-4, pp. 155-168; Qualia – Possible Turning Point between Transdisciplinarity research, Integrative Science Prospect, and Theology, in the volume Science an Orthodoxy, a Necessary Dialogue, Curtea Veche Publishing, Bucharest, 2006, ISBN (10) 973-669-282-5/(13) 978-973-669-282-5, pp. 233-241, and the supportive-stage regarding the active participation at the: International Congress Romania as Laboratory of the Dialogue between Science and Spirituality in the Contemporary World, Bucharest, October 19-20, 2009; International Congress The Dialogue between Science, Art and Religion in the Orthodox World, Bucharest, September 25-28, 2008; International Congress Transdisciplinary Approaches of the Dialogue between Science, Art and religion in the Europe of Tomorrow, Sibiu, Romania, September 9-11, 2007, 2007; International Congress Science & Orthodoxy/A Necessary Dialogue, Bucharest and Constantza (Tomis), October 21-26, 2005; and International Study of Religion in Eastern and Central Europe Association (ISORECEA) Conference, Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Humanities, Budapest – Piliscsaba, December 9-11, 2004.

Keywords: Logic and Cognitive Science, Science-Religion Dialogue, Geomodernity, Transdisiplinarity, Fuzzification, Integrative Science prospects, Mircea Malita, Basarab Nicolescu, Lotfi Zadeh, Mihai Draganescu, comprehension on consciousness, subjective-objective gap of ourselves, C.I. Lewis, Hut Piet

JEL Classification: A19, A29, B311, C59, C89, C99, D29, D59, D57, D79, D81, D83, D89, D99, I19, I29, I39, J2, J29, L39

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